No Pesto Thai Beef Salad

I’ve got this friend called Debs who keeps saying to me: “I tried that dish on your blog the other night but hmmmmm……well……. I didn’t really like it”. This always leads to me suspiciously interrogating how she went about said dish and so far has always revealed that what Debs has actually made is actually a completely different dish – one that is only linked to my recipe by the fact that she looked at the picture and decided for herself what should go into it. Like the salmon pastry parcel for example: “Talk me through how you made it Debs” I ask only for her to start by saying something like, “So I coated the salmon in homemade pesto and then……..”

“Waaaaaiiit a minute. Whoa there! When did I say anything about your homemade pesto?” and therein lies the problem. Debs just likes to freestyle with her homemade pesto. So for this reason alone I am focusing this post squarely on the ingredients and the very simple process.

The Salad: 1/2 bag of baby leaf spinach roughly chopped; 2-3 large carrots grated, 3 spring onions chopped, big bunches of fresh parsley and coriander chopped, 1 sweet romano red pepper sliced, cashew nuts broken and toasted, 2 flat iron steaks seasoned well and cooked in a very hot dry heavy-based large frying pan medium to medium rare.

The Dressing: Olive oil, grated ginger, 2 cloves of garlic, 2 birds eye chillis, dried coriander leaf, salt, pepper, honey, fresh lime juice, nam pla (fish sauce).

Toss the salad ingredients. Mix the dressing ingredients well and pour over the salad. Toss again and serve. Resist the urge to add homemade pesto (Debs). Enjoy.

Thai Beef Salad with Brown Coconut Rice
Thai Beef Salad with Brown Coconut & Coriander Rice



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