A Mathematical Cakethrough

I’m training for a 10k run with a team from my work for which I was shamelessly lured in by the promise of free running shoes tailored to my specific needs as identified following a free consultation that would analyse my gait and stride in the performance centre. I liked the sound of it – it sounded like maths and science combining to make me an elite runner through free new shoes alone. However, I have since made an altogether different mathematical breakthrough, a numerical relationship if you will. And it is this:  the healthiness (h) of the food I consume at home (FCH) is inversely proportional to the day of the week (Dn)

Fig. 1Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 22.41.54

Put another way, on day 1, Monday, I eat like Olympic running machine super Mo  – all protein and raw/steamed veg – but by day 5 on Friday it’s less like super Mo more like sumo – Patty & Bun burgers, kebabs (not the doner variety mind, local ocakbasi restaurant 19 Numara Bos Cirrik 2 on Stoke Newington High Street does the most incredible Adana kebab – juicy minced lamb shish marinated in Turkish spices and cooked on their charcoals before being wrapped up in a blanket of fresh, soft turkish bread) and of course anything combining pastry with…well anything.

The other week was a case in point. I started the week with a healthy salad for dinner. It contained mixed leaves, celery, radishes, beetroot, runner beans, cous cous, fresh mint, flat leaf parsley and smoked mackerel. Seasoned well and dressed simply with extra virgin olive oil and fresh lemon juice. It was delicious and looked like this.

photo 2

Super start to the week Salad

By Wednesday I was adding a load of chorizo to my otherwise healthy home made leftover vegetable soup. Again very tasty but this time I suspect the chorizo and all its meaty, fatty juices were largely responsible.

juicy meaty vegetable soup

Juicy meaty vegetable soup

Come Friday it was a full on fried platter for breakfast – eggs, chorizo (yes again, you know you love it too) halloumi, plantain, beans and toast. A gut-busting way to start my long weekend.

Friday's Fry-up

Fatty Boom-ba Breakfast

Luckily for my trousers there are only 7 days in the week. Back to the greens on Monday.



A Night to Rum-ember


Portside Parlour’s Rum Book

Been a bit slack on updating the blog of recent so apologies to all 5 of you following. I was out with an old mate on Friday and he told me about an East London secret speakeasy under a bar on Broadway Market. Apparently you had to lock yourself in a cubicle, flush the toilet and a hatch would open inviting you in upon providing the secret entry word. Naturally I was all over it so we headed on over, only to be disappointed that the door was already (seemingly permanently) open so need need for all of the secret shenanigans. However they had the best selection of rums I’ve seen anywhere and you were given a dusty old book with the full list to choose from. Favourites included the (Venezuelan) Diplomatico Exclusiva Reserva, Angostura 1824 (Trinidad) and of course, Chairman’s Reserve from the eponymous Bernie’s home – St. Lucia. I highly recommend a visit if you’re over by London Fields.