Super Salad for a Not So Super Tuesday

Today was a little bit rough. My sister suffers from depression and the last seven days have seen her feeling really low and struggling to cope with the everyday activities and chores that we all take for granted. One of those being taking the time to prepare and sitting down to eat a decent meal at least once a day. So having spent a very emotional day with her she has come to stay with me for a couple of days and I wanted to cheer her up this evening with my version of a superfood salad we both opted for the other week at The Riding House Cafe on Great Titchfield Street – a top notch joint a brief canter away from Oxford Circus for great lunch, brunch or in fact any kind of munch.

As Yotem will tell you, being a salad it’s a doddle to knock up and only uses one pan so easy to wash up afterwards too. Chicken breast fillets cut into strips seasoned and marinated in olive oil, tarragon and garlic for 10 minutes then chucked straight into a very hot griddle pan to which squash (cubed), zucchini (strips), cherry toms (halved) were all added in that order. The whole lot was tossed into a bed of watercress, baby spinach rocket, spring onion, chopped parsley and cous cous all liberally drizzled with olive oil. Finished with an extra pinch of rock salt and a l’il twist of black pepper. I’m pleased to say that the day has finished better than it started and my sister really enjoyed sitting down to tuck into a decent (and healthy) home-cooked meal for the first time in a while. I hope it cheers you up as much as it did us.

Superfood salad (bad shot the blame of fatigue)

Super close shot of super salad


Curry Weekender

So yesterday whilst at some friends’ house I had a Goan Salmon Curry from their North London take-away favourite The Tiffin Tin. As  a new menu item described as the ‘chef’s speciality’ it was highly recommended by the kitchen and true to its claim, it was damn tasty and so is now recommended by Bernie’s Kitchen too! The memory of this delicious salmon made it all the more depressing when on the cycle round to my mate Adam’s flat this afternoon he announced that he’d made a curry. Hmmm. It’s not that back to back curries is a problem (just like buses…you wait for ages and then two korma-long at the same time – weh hey!), but more the fact that the last time I tried one of Adam’s curries it tasted like something Uncle Ben would have sent back. However, the invitation was accompanied by boasts of having “finally mastered authentic Indian curries” so I thought what the heck – in for a paneer in for a pound (boom!). Here it is….


Adam’s Basic Chicken Curry with Bombay Aloo

…Oh and it was amazing. Despite the underwhelming name ‘basic chicken curry’ he gave it when I asked him what it was, it was probably the most authentic-tasting curry I’ve tasted at anyone who isn’t Indian’s house. Loads of flavour, the perfect heat and delicious bombay aloo to go with it alongside the dash of yoghurt and fresh coriander garnish. Take that Uncle Ben.