Crumbs on The Table

Every year my favourite auntie bakes me a cake for Christmas as my present. It’s my favourite present for many reasons – one of which being that it’s the only gift I receive where I know I definitely won’t require Leo Di’o’s acting skills to hide my inner disappointment when I unwrap it (as I do with the novelty Christmas items bought from the crap end of Oxford Street that I often receive). But of course the main reason is that it is absolutely delicious. I’m not sure of exactly what’s even in it (have you noticed the recent trend of bus-travelling teens unnecessarily using and emphasising the word ‘even’ when it doesn’t ‘even’ need to be there e.g. What even is that? I know I sound old saying that but I’m feeling old at the moment as I just turned 39 and the spectre of 40 is a little distressing). Anyway I digress, I don’t know what’s in it but it’s dark, rich, moist and satisfyingly dense. A fruit cake seemingly with no actual fruit in it because in traditional Jamaican style the fruit has been soaked in Red Label Wine (Red Label Jamaican Aperitif if you’re looking in Tesco) and then blended to leave no trace but the taste before who knows what spices and extracts are added to the cake mix.

This year I decided to up-booze, so fed the cake with some Gosling’s Black Seal rum and left it for a few days. Black Seal is a relatively new discovery for me. Not a fine sipping rum like Angostura 1824 or Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva but a great rum for a Dark & Stormy – on of the Kitchen’s favourite rum cocktails – and an amazing rum it turns out to add to my Auntie’s Christmas Cake. Suffice to say I will be doing this every year from now on as it has taken the cake to the next level. I’ve pretty much wolfed down the whole thing in record time and have just 2 slices left. If i manage to get the recipe I’ll be sure to share it but for now you’ll have to make do with a picture.

Crumbs On The Table just like D-Nice once said.
Crumbs On The Table just like D-Nice once said.

Whoops – I’d been scoffing it down as I was typing this so only crumbs on the table to show you. Tasty!

2 thoughts on “Crumbs on The Table”

  1. I had some of this cake when i visited bernie’s kitchen recently. (Didn’t get any on my next visit, mind, as the owner was welded to the couch). Anyway, it were right tasty, and soaking it in Ryan’s rum made it strictly for adults and added a festive kick. Getting the recipe is a must – and it’s nice to pass down recipes and keep them in the family. Not sure what’s even in it either, but I’m guessing a thick sponge mix with dates, lots of brown sugar, maybe golden syrup, spices.. And anything that goes equally well with rum or a cuppa can’t be bad. A kick in the baubles for your average christmas pudding.

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